Interesting Facts

Facts Why Genuine Mahogany

It has always been the mahogany of preference. There are many species of mahogany. Genuine mahogany has carried iconic. identifiable characteristics of unique beauty and is among the top selections for wood working projects. It is most used in upscale, classy structures and items: the reddish maple-like hue and smooth texture of mahogany wood offer a very distinct feeling of wealth and refinement.

Your Concern: The Demand is Scarce

In 2003 the specie, Swietenia Machrophylla was listed in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora). Since then, there were export restrictions in certain countries and the supplies going to U.S. have been reduced significantly.

The Substitute will be the BEST

The African mahogany which comes in several subspecies became the substitute for the genuine mahogany. It offers almost the same price but the overall characteristics of genuine mahogany cannot be overthrown

Facts Why was Mahogany the Favoured Wood of ROYALTY

Mahogany has an inherent beauty coupled with an advantageous strength to weight ratio. The rich reddish-brown colouring lends mahogany a bold, elegant style that simply exudes luxury. Blessed with a smooth shimmering surface and minimal knots, Genuine Mahogany is the perfect choice for your deck project.

OUR SOLUTION: The Swietenia Machrophylla King is making come back

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